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Mobile Universal Locksmiths – Glen Waverley Locksmiths, Burwood Locksmith

The most dedicated Mobile Locksmiths in the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs.

Universal Mobile Locksmiths is committed to a high standard of work provide 24 hours service including emergency Locksmith work. Isn’t quality work what you want at a affordable price? You get very friendly service, and 24 hr Night and day availability has not only made us the most trusted locksmiths in Mobile services, but across many Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. No matter what the time Universal Locksmiths standard remains the exactly the same, the highest.

We at Universal Mobile Locksmiths , we recognise the importance of friendly service

This is particularly true in that panic moment when you discover you’re in need of locksmith services. That’s why we make sure our locksmiths put themselves in the client’s shoes. Treating clients the way we want to be treated is a huge part of being a Universal locksmith.

We are a full-service locksmith business that is more than capable of solving all of your lock problems. Our mobile locksmiths are trained at our state-of-the-art school and provided with the most advanced technology in the business to make sure that no matter what you need, they will be able to provide the results you want.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, therefore if you happen to find yourself in need of our mobile Locksmith services late at night or early in the morning we will be there in no time. 0431771244

No matter how you say our name: Universal Locksmiths, Universal Mobile Locksmith, Glen Waverley Locksmith, Glen Waverley Mobile Locksmith, Burwood locksmith, Burwood Mobile Locksmith or Eastern Suburbs Mobile Locksmith, We are the locksmith you need!

Residential Locksmith: We can also fix Lock problems concerning your home. Maybe you just moved in Burwood or Glen Waverley and you need to get your locks changed. We have you covered for every situation regarding residential locks, whether it’s door lock installations or just rekeying, you name it, we got it. Call us now and we will be there.

Commercial Locksimith services: Like most businesses in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, you probably lock yours up when you close. Well if you ever want to change the locks, rekey them, or have any other locking needs for your business don’t waste any time, call Universal Locksmiths. We will come to your business.  0431771244

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